To Whom It May Concern,
Matt recently spoke to our student body at Lincolnview and we were all quite impressed.  For the severity of injuries that Matt sustained in his is amazing that he is able to speak, walk, and reach out to others.  Matt's message impacted all of us and our student body was so respectful while he spoke.  I was mostly impressed by the fact that Matt was able to interject his faith into his message without "preaching" to the students.  For the students I personally teach, his message was very inspiring. It demonstrated to them that anything is possible and although you may have some sort of does not have to define you as a person & you can do amazing things!   His use of humor also helped in keeping the students attention & helped them relate to him on a more personal level.
I would highly recommend Matt to speak to any school or organization that would like to hear an inspiring, uplifting message.

Stephanie Renner
Special Education Teacher