To whom it may concern,

Matt Schroeder is a young man who is attempting to do some
speaking in area high schools. I first met Matt over the Christmas
holiday at a basketball game. We talked about him presenting to the
students of St. Henry. I was real leery mainly due to the difficulty of
understanding him. I am very glad that I took the chance to allow
him to speak. Our students were genuinely impressed with his
message. He was a little unorganized in his overall presentation, but
our students definitely got the message. He has a unique ability to
capture the students' attention. His humor was an effective asset in
his presentation. I really feel that high school students can learn a lot
from his message.

Greg Kulwicki has worked with Matt to help to organize the
presentation. He has also put together a power point presentation that
should greatly enhance his presentation.

He has a new website that you can go to and see parts of his
presentation.  He truly has a great message
and he has the innate ability to get the attention of the students. Our
students were very impressed with him. They felt that he was very
real, which he is. He didn't "preach" to them. He attempted to point
out to them that life can change for anyone in an instant.

I would recommend that, if possible, you take the opportunity to have
Matt speak with your students. He truly is a unique individual with
an outstanding message to convey to the youth of today.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at St. Henry High
School, 419-678- 4834, ext 2200. I would be glad to talk with you.


Frank Griesdorn